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Metalworking Machines
CNC Machines
  1. CNC Lathes
  2. CNC Milling Machines
Lathe Machines
  1. Big Lathes
  2. Medium Size Lathes
  3. Mini Lathes
Milling Machines
  1. Bed Type Milling Machines
  2. Medium & Small Sizes Milling Drilling Machines
  3. Turret Milling Machines
  4. Universal Swivel Head Milling Machines
  5. Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines
Drilling Machines
  1. Radial Drilling Machines
  2. Vertical Drilling Machines
  3. Bench Drilling Machines
Sawing Machines
  1. Band Saws
  2. Hack Saws
Grinding Machines
  1. Cylinder Grinding Machines
  2. Surface Grinding Machines
  3. Bench Grinding Machines
Shaping Machines
    Boring Machines
      Slotting Machines
        Gear Hobbing Machines
          EDM Electrical Discharge Machines
          1. EDM Drills
          2. Wire Cut EDM
          3. ZNC Spark Eroders
          4. CNC Spark Eroders
          Fiber Laser Cutting Machines
            Plasma Cutting Machines
              Laser Marking Machines
                Metalforming Machines
                Box and Pan Folding Machines
                  Shearing Machines
                  1. Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machines
                  2. CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machines
                  3. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machines
                  4. CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machines
                  5. Electrical Shearing Machines
                  6. Foot Shearing Machines
                  7. Manual Shearing Machines
                  Hydraulic Press Brakes
                  1. Hydraulic Press Brakes
                  2. CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes
                  3. Electrical Sychronized CNC Press Brakes
                  Metal Plate Rolling Machines
                    Universal Iron Workers
                      Press Machines
                      1. Power Presses
                      2. Hydraulic presses
                      3. Pneumatic Forging Machines
                      Jennying Machines
                        Tube Bending Machines
                          Notching Machines
                            Welding Machines
                            1. MIG-MAG SERIES
                            2. MMA SERIES
                            3. SPOT WELDING
                            4. TIG SERIES
                            Woodworking Machines
                            CNC Routers
                              Laser Engraving&Cutting Machines
                                Multi-functional Woodworking Machine
                                  Woodworking Bandsaw
                                    Woodworking Lathes
                                      Woodworking Shapers
                                        Sanding Machines
                                            Automotive Maintenance Machines
                                            Brake Disc drum lathes
                                              Cylinder boring machines
                                                Brake drum shoe boring machines
                                                  Cor-rod bushing boring machines
                                                    Cylinder head milling grinding machines
                                                      Cylinder honing machines
                                                        Flywheel grinding machines
                                                          Valve grinding machines
                                                            On car brake plate lathes
                                                              Tyre Changers
                                                                Wheel lifters
                                                                  Electrical mobile lifters

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                                                                      Shandong Mantech Machinery Co., Ltd, as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of machine tools in China, is reputed for its excellent quality and services. With two manufacturing centers and one exporting company, Mantech Machinery is professional in selecting and providing excellent machines to customers efficiently. Our expertise in machine tools has been accumulated both from manufacturing and trading experience. This experience can provide you, our valuable clients, with the following advantages.

                                                                      1. Well Selected Source Of Supply. It is true that nowadays anyone can find any products easily from the internet. But the point is who can be sure what he will get. We know exactly and precisely what we can offer according to your requirements. All worshops have CE and ISO9000 certificates.

                                                                      2. Competitive Prices. This is the most essential subject to most of clients. It is our duty to help our clients buy smartly without doubt. Our long term and profound relationship with various manufacturers is the key factor to get the most competitive prices.

                                                                      3. Quality and Consistency. Being a member of manufacturing, we understand what the weak points are in each manufacturing company. Our QC engineers were from different manufacturings and have been well trained for years with the sights of being a technician and a buyer. We all know the quality cannot be achieved through inspection. To ensure you,our valuable clients,to get qualified products, we help our vendors from the beginning after receipt of our orders. We outline all the common weak points on our orders so that they know what our quality requirements are. Then the workers at the machine shops or the assembly line know what to follow. Inevitably, this is a common practice in most of machine tools builders that quality is variable. We have established one technical file for each vendor. It records all the details of inspection history and clients’ requirements. When there is a repeated order, the consistency lies on it. Currently we have 3 QC engineers who always on the road visiting our vendors. We inspect every order whatever the quantities are. We even inspect during the manufacturing process which is very critical and important.

                                                                      4. Efficiency. We strive our best to providing the most efficient services to all of our clients. Whatever it is an inquiry of products, parts request, catalogs request, delivery checking, etc., we shall do our best to reply in the next 24 hours after receipt of it.

                                                                      5. Consolidation. For most of clients this is a major problem and/or a headache. We can provide this service in most cases to our clients to ease their burden of inventory, to save considerable expenses caused by freights, L/C handling charges, customs broker charges, etc.. The savings are so considerable that you actually pay less when you use our service not to mention our qualified inspection.

                                                                      As a manufacturer and trading company, we know our role is to look after the best interests of each valuable client of us. Only when our client grows, we grow. Seeing is believing. You shall find yourself a good partner, Mantech, in China fighting for your expected success in every respect.

                                                                      Mantech Machinery,

                                                                      Consistency in Quality,

                                                                      Persistency in Service!