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Metalworking Machines
CNC Machines
  1. CNC Lathes
  2. CNC Milling Machines
Lathe Machines
  1. Big Lathes
  2. Medium Size Lathes
  3. Mini Lathes
Milling Machines
  1. Bed Type Milling Machines
  2. Medium & Small Sizes Milling Drilling Machines
  3. Turret Milling Machines
  4. Universal Swivel Head Milling Machines
  5. Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines
Drilling Machines
  1. Radial Drilling Machines
  2. Vertical Drilling Machines
  3. Bench Drilling Machines
Sawing Machines
  1. Band Saws
  2. Hack Saws
Grinding Machines
  1. Cylinder Grinding Machines
  2. Surface Grinding Machines
  3. Bench Grinding Machines
Shaping Machines
    Boring Machines
      Slotting Machines
        Gear Hobbing Machines
          EDM Electrical Discharge Machines
          1. EDM Drills
          2. Wire Cut EDM
          3. ZNC Spark Eroders
          4. CNC Spark Eroders
          Fiber Laser Cutting Machines
            Plasma Cutting Machines
              Laser Marking Machines
                Metalforming Machines
                Box and Pan Folding Machines
                  Shearing Machines
                  1. Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machines
                  2. CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machines
                  3. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machines
                  4. CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machines
                  5. Electrical Shearing Machines
                  6. Foot Shearing Machines
                  7. Manual Shearing Machines
                  Hydraulic Press Brakes
                  1. Hydraulic Press Brakes
                  2. CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes
                  3. Electrical Sychronized CNC Press Brakes
                  Metal Plate Rolling Machines
                    Universal Iron Workers
                      Press Machines
                      1. Power Presses
                      2. Hydraulic presses
                      3. Pneumatic Forging Machines
                      Jennying Machines
                        Tube Bending Machines
                          Notching Machines
                            Welding Machines
                            1. MIG-MAG SERIES
                            2. MMA SERIES
                            3. SPOT WELDING
                            4. TIG SERIES
                            Woodworking Machines
                            CNC Routers
                              Laser Engraving&Cutting Machines
                                Multi-functional Woodworking Machine
                                  Woodworking Bandsaw
                                    Woodworking Lathes
                                      Woodworking Shapers
                                        Sanding Machines
                                            Automotive Maintenance Machines
                                            Brake Disc drum lathes
                                              Cylinder boring machines
                                                Brake drum shoe boring machines
                                                  Cor-rod bushing boring machines
                                                    Cylinder head milling grinding machines
                                                      Cylinder honing machines
                                                        Flywheel grinding machines
                                                          Valve grinding machines
                                                            On car brake plate lathes
                                                              Tyre Changers
                                                                Wheel lifters
                                                                  Electrical mobile lifters

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                                                                    0086 632 8057365


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                                                                    What is your international payment terms?
                                                                    General Terms for international customers:          - 40% on Order          - 60% on Completion of order after inspection and before Shipping 
                                                                    Do you offer relative toolings for machines you sell?
                                                                    Yes, we will recommend all accessories to customers, and customers can select tools and accessories they need according to their actual needs. 
                                                                    Do you offer inspection service?
                                                                    For all products we provide, we have strict inspections to make sure the machines are qualified to leave factory, and we will send inspection details with photos and videos to customers before shipment.  
                                                                    What is your After Sale Policy?
                                                                    We know that after sales service is important, we offer 12 months warranty period for all our machines. Within warranty period, if any parts broken, we will send you free of charge. After warranty period, we will provide all spare parts at cost price. Meanwhile, life-long service and technical support are ...
                                                                    What is the quality of the products?
                                                                    Our products are industrial grade and built to suit your countries specific electrical and Safety standards. 
                                                                    Are you a trader or manufacturer?
                                                                    We are a group company holding two manufacturing center and one trading company.